PIPE DREAM…….My novel……Theme is friendship

Slamming her hands down on the table, fury emanating from every pore. “That cheating son of a bitch, how could he do this to me? And why, why would he do this to me? How could I be so stupid to believe that he loved me?” Piper said sobbing into her hands.

“Piper honey, please come and sit down,” said her friend Molly who had just given her the awful news.

Piper did as she was asked, taking a tissue from the box Molly had put on the table. Molly had called her early that morning asking if she could come over as she had something she had to tell her. She had no idea that she was going to tell her what she had. She had thrown on old tatty jeans with holes in the knees, and a tight pale blue tank top. She had quickly put her bright auburn and very unruly hair into a bun with loose bits all around her face. She hadn’t bothered with make-up, but then she didn’t need to . Her skin was pale and flawless, with deep green eyes she was devastatingly beautiful. Blowing her nose she looked at Molly and tried to smile. “You are such a good friend, and I am acting like a complete baby.





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